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Heritage Duck Eggs - NO Antibiotics EVER!

Store Eggs Heritage Duck Eggs - NO Antibiotics EVER!
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FREE SHIPPING on our Heritage Duck Eggs from our pastured Khaki Campbells, Cayugas and Indian Runners. NO antibiotics EVER!

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Simply fabulous Gourmet eggs from our Happy Heritage Ducks! Duck Eggs have 15 times the Vitamin D, 5 times the Vitamin E, 3 times the Vitamin E, twice the Omega 3's and twice the trace mineral content of a pastured chicken egg. The creamy yolks are 70% larger than a chicken egg and they have a higher protein level and lower water content. They bake THE most amazingly light cakes with their high lecithin content, and are sought by chefs as a prized baking ingredient.

Our Heritage Ducks run, swim, forage, graze, and socialise as they would do in the wild. We keep them locked up at night in a huge, essentially 100% predator proof pen. The one acre of pond is up to 20 feet deep, and completely spring fed. The ducks enjoy a wonderful diet of aquatic plants and pond critters during the year until we freeze over, when we supply buckets, daily, of warm water for them to preen their feathers and keep hydrated.

Birds receive supplements of Diatomaceous Earth, XP Organic Green Yeast Culture, Organic Thorvin Icelandic Kelp, Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE), Oregano Oil, Turmeric and our home-made Apple Cider Vinegar

We encourage wildflowers across our property, allowing them to seed naturally. These give the birds bugs and fresh leaves to eat. The birds also enjoy picking windfall fruit from under our apple and pear trees.