Garden Variety Cheese

Adopt A Ewe January to June 2019

Bi-weekly share of sheep yogurt and cheeses worth approximately $30 in value.

Adopt A Ewe July to Dec 18

Bi-weekly deliveries of a variety of cheeses and yogurt in the value of ~ $30 per pick-up.

Adopt A Ewe dairy ongoing

Bi-weekly, receive a selection of our aged cheeses, yogurt, feta, and fresh sheep cheeses worth ~ $30 in value.


Adopt a Ewe Lamb share ($175.00)

half lamb with Adopt A Ewe share

Adopt a Ewe Pork Share ($175.00)

pork sampler pack with Adopt a Ewe share

Adopt a Ewe Wool Blanket Share ($175.00)

wool blanket with Adopt a Ewe share

dozen eggs ($8.00)

dozen medium eggs from our farm

Garden Variety Cheese
Be the proud sponsor of one of the lovely ewes from our milking flock! You will receive a picture and description of your adoptee, as well as regular updates at the farm. You will also be welcome to visit the farm and your sheep at special Open Houses and events. Dairy sheep only produce milk for six months out of every year, and all of our cheeses are aged at least two months, some up to ten months, before they are ready for sale. [read more..]