CSA Management Made Simple

All the functions you need

LocalHarvest works with hundreds of CSAs selling their subscriptions online and helping them run their operations. In our 20 years of experience we've compiled a collection of best practices, now built into CSA Manager.

Ease your office workload with these and other valuable features:

  • Consolidate your member subscriptions and information in one place.
  • Easy to use reports for delivery day logistics and accounting.
  • Subject to the rules of your CSA: subscribers can hold deliveries, change contact information, and make other updates to their subscriptions on their own.
  • Online subscription sales. Collect online payments into your PayPal account.

Sales and Member Communications

  • Supports multiple shares in multiple sizes; weekly/bi-weekly/monthly deliveries.
  • Online Ordering, supporting credit cards, PayPal, cash credit, and paper checks.
  • Email broadcasts to your subscriber database, with multiple filters.
  • Easy access to the millions of visitors coming to LocalHarvest.org searching for a CSA.
  • Coupons
  • Drop-Off points or home delivery options available

Harvest Planning

  • Weekly box builder that summarizes for your field crew and your members
  • Reports that let you know how much of what was harvested when; perfect for planning ahead.
  • Pick list for harvesters, including padding for perishable items like lettuce

On Delivery Day

  • Pack the Truck totals for CSA boxes, their contents, and add-ons, filtered by drop site if you want.
  • Draft reports available for future deliveries (think inventory controls)
  • Three delivery day print formats: Sign-in sheets, Labels, csv download
  • Drop site set up and details management accessible 24/7 by farmer


  • Weekly: income, delivery, sales and sales per drop site
  • Box holds and donated boxes
  • All SKUs for inventory control