Fee Calculator

Base Fee

$10/month base fee for use of the service.

Delivery Fees

10 cents per box delivered in the month.

eCommerce Fee

All orders placed by the public through the LocalHarvest catalog are subject to the 1% e-commerce fee. (Regardless of payment method.)

What percentage of your subscriptions will be sold to the public via the LocalHarvest online store? Subscriptions you enter manually are not included.

Credit Card Processing

All pay-per-delivery orders paid by credit card using the LocalHarvest card processor are subject to a 3% and 25 cents per transaction fee. (our costs)

What percentage of your sales do you anticipate being paid via Credit Card?

Your estimated fees

Base fee$10
Delivery fees$0
eCommerce fee$0
Card processing fee$0

This fee calculator is intended for informational use only and doesn't necessarily compute precise billing amounts. By using this fee calculator, you acknowledge that LocalHarvest is not making representations or guarantees regarding actual fees and that these results are estimates only.